MiFi 4510L Is USB just for software?

I just received a new 4510L and there was a USB cable that came that said right on the bag.  "The USB cable is only for software upgrades."  No real mention in the literature.  Question is if it is connnected, will it charge/draw power off of the computer or do I need it to be plugged into a separate power source.  If not, is there any other way through the USB or Micro USB port (again silent in literature) to charge outside of the power cord?  My old computer had a Gobi Chip which was only one user, but at least did not need two power sources.


Re: MiFi 4510L Is USB just for software?
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Q: Question is if it is connected, will it charge/draw power off of the computer?

A: Yes.  The USB Cable can be used as a power cord if connected to a computer.  You need firmware version 2.23 or higher. 

Some history on this issue:

The packaging is intended for earlier firmware versions of the MiFi where this was not possible.  The original MiFi firmware shutdown the radio of the MiFi if it detected a data connection of any kind (ex. a computer).  The community put out all sorts of hacks to work around this functionality.  Eventually Novatel/VZW opened it up and eliminated the need for the hacks.  The USB cable will still not pass data/internet though, it can only charge the device or perform firmware updates.