MiFi 5510L stops connecting suddenly


I've had a MiFi 5510L Jetpack for a few months. It worked great for the first couple of months. However, in more recent weeks, it stops working suddenly, sometimes several times a day. When it stops working, our (my housemate and I) browsers cannot open any website (DNS error). However, the device shows connectivity (at least 1 bar, and 4G) when this happens. The issue happens more often when both of us are connected to the MiFi. There are no new software updates (I check frequently). The only thing that clears the problem is by turning the MiFi off and turning it back on again (sometimes removing the battery and putting it back in is necessary). Resetting also clears it, but the issue always comes back. It is quite disturbing - over the last weekend, I had to restart the MiFi at least 10 times. Sometimes the display on the MiFi looks strange, too (letters/graphics run off the screen, etc.) but that's not a huge concern. Is there anything I can do to try to rectify this issue? Thank you.

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Re: MiFi 5510L stops connecting suddenly
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The symptoms you are describing here are common for all mobile hotspot devices, the new MiFi 5510L is no exception.  Chances are good that your problem is a VZW network disconnection issue, not something with the devices local WiFi network.

To resolve this problem you are going to have to play around with your environment and see if you can improve the quality of the signal that your MiFi is receiving.  Try performing a Site Survey and plot out the good and bad areas of your house for storing the MiFi.  Take it out on the road and see if connecting in different areas is any different than the normal environment, preferably under different towers

You can also experiment with Antenna's and Amplifiers if you know anyone with that equipment.  Otherwise depending on your budget you can do some research and purchase one to test it out.  If the equipment doesn't help then return it for a refund and try something else.

More info on performing a Site Survey:


Until your signal quality improves your MiFi is likely to continue to drop on you as various events occur.  You can try to post the diagnostic log for us too.  Perhaps we can confirm the kinds of disconnections and give you some other tips and tricks.

Re: MiFi 5510L stops connecting suddenly
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Hello Jonathanindy,

We surely want to make sure your Mifi is working as expected for you.  We can surely walk through the correct troubleshooting steps to make sure we get you back up and running.  Is the issue happening in any one location? Have you updated the device to make sure there are no new software updates on the handset? We look forward to hearing back from you.

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