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MiFi Connection to Windows Machine

A friend is trying to use my MiFi on a windows machine, and it is not finding it (it's not listed as an available option).  I use a Mac so don't know how to help him troubleshoot.  How do I get the MiFi to show up in his available network connections?

Re: MiFi Connection to Windows Machine


There are only a few explanations for when a computer cannot see an SSID:

1. The computer is not within range of the device (mifi)

2. The computer is not compatible with the wireless signal of the device

3. The computers network card is glitching and needs to be rebooted/reinstalled

4. The SSID is hidden and needs to be either exposed/broadcasted or pre-entered into the computer

To provide you with specific steps we would need to know the OS of the computer and MiFi model number. 

Generally speaking the first thing you should do is reboot and refresh the wireless networks list.  If that doesnt help you should consider either lowering the wireless mode of your MiFi to B/G or reinstalling the network card on the computer through Device Manager.  Unless you specifically setup your SSID to be hidden chances are good that setting the SSID to broadcast is already enabled.