I purchased mifi 4 days ago and it has horrible service were i live...someone has thrown my reciept and my box away will verizon still take it back if they said i have 14 days?

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You should call *611 and ask them what you need to do in this situation, I know that they can send you a replacement return shipping label, I don't know what they will say about the original packing... I would try to return everything you can find, but make sure that you use the right shipping label or it might get lost in the warehouse and tacked to your bill, bigtime no bueno!. They also may be able to assist with the connection issues an eliminate the need for return.

Good Luck!

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They will take back the device if it is within the trial period, but you may have to pay the $35.00 restocking fee if you are missing the documentation and packaging.  Go into a store and talk to a rep for this one.  They can send it back to VZW for you for free and end your contract without Early Termination Fees.

Good call on testing out the MiFi before getting locked into the contract.  If the service is not good within the first 2 weeks chances are it will not get better any time soon.  Best to get out early before your in too deep.