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Mifi 2200 Power Light

The power light on my MiFi 2200 turned blue a few weeks ago, meaning I was roaming. But It and me were in the exact same spot we had been for months. I reinstalled all software, etc., and light changed to green.


Few days later power light went blue again, tried original fix with no luck this time. I called Tech Support & I was told they were working on my tower. I can see my tower, and we had severe storms around time light went blue. They had no idea how long repairs would take.


Finally, the power light turned green yesterday...but it's BLINKING green, and I can not find any info in support regarding a BLINKING green power light.


I hate calling Tech Support, figured I'd ask here first.......I appreciate any responses!!




Re: Mifi 2200 Power Light

" -LED Green (Blinking): Modem is in hibernate"


sounds like your modem is not a happy camper


didn't know that blue meant roam... so thanks for that tip

Re: Mifi 2200 Power Light

The following was taken from a .pdf file I had requested from Customer support.  Hope it helps.........



LED not lit - No power to MiFi
LED Blue - Solid             MiFi is powered on and roaming
LED Green - Solid          Mifi is powered on and fully charged
LED Green - Glowing    MiFi is in hibernate
LED Red - Blinking        MiFi battery is critically low
LED Amber - Solid        MiFi battery is charging
LED Amber - Blinking   MiFi error, see Troubleshooting