Mifi 2200 goes dormant, disconnects & reconnects constantly!

I'm having major connection issues tonight!  My connection keeps going dormant, then disconnection, then reconnecting about every 4-6 minutes!  Is there something up with the system tonight or is it something w/ my modem?  Whatever it is is extremely annoying!!!!!!!!! 

System Log> HTML Version 20.

03/13/12 11:23:24pm> Current Time

03/13/12 11:12:19pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 11:12:11pm> 3G Disconnect

03/13/12 11:07:23pm> 3G Out of Dormant State

03/13/12 11:07:22pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 11:07:13pm> 3G Disconnect

03/13/12 11:07:01pm> 3G Dormant State

03/13/12 11:03:43pm> 3G Out of Dormant State

03/13/12 11:03:42pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 11:03:33pm> 3G Disconnect

03/13/12 11:03:21pm> 3G Dormant State

03/13/12 10:59:41pm> 3G Out of Dormant State

03/13/12 10:59:40pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 10:59:32pm> 3G Disconnect

03/13/12 10:59:21pm> 3G Dormant State

03/13/12 10:55:18pm> 3G Out of Dormant State

03/13/12 10:55:17pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 10:55:09pm> 3G Disconnect

03/13/12 10:54:57pm> 3G Dormant State

03/13/12 10:50:53pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 10:50:46pm> 3G Disconnect

03/13/12 10:47:43pm> [DHCP] Assign IP ...

03/13/12 10:47:42pm> [WiFi] Association 00:23:15:AC:32:3C

03/13/12 10:47:27pm> 3G Connected

03/13/12 10:47:25pm> [ARP] Record IP ...

03/13/12 10:47:25pm> [ARP] Client IP ...

03/13/12 10:47:25pm> [WiFi] Association 00:25:56:8B:AC:D2

03/13/12 10:47:24pm> [WiFi] DeAuth 00:25:56:8B:AC:D2

03/13/12 10:47:23pm> [WiFi] BSS Start 00:21:E8:A5:9E:A7

(I ...'d out the IP address - ????)