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Posted here just a few minutes ago and I even had friends look at the post. Then suddenly the post disappeared and no traces of it could be found, even the bookmark I made of it has disappeared. Might there be a mod trying to censor what the customers have to say about their service provider? https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/781785 was the link to my post. Someone care to explain what happened to it? Anyways I'll try to repost it though it won't be exactly the same. This time I'll save a copy and keep reposting until whomever deleted it gets tired or bans me. I had a Mifi 2200 for about 2 years and it worked OK. The charger port broke on that one and we were forced to get an upgrade to the Mifi 890L "JetPack." Worst thing I could have done apparently. This new device has been nothing but trouble since day 1. It struggles to get 2-3 bars when the 2200 got 3-4 bars consistently, I don't see how a device that sits in the same spot and never moves can fluctuate in signal strength so much. Frequently it goes to 1x and even roaming and sometimes it spikes and goes up to 4 and 5 bars of 3G signal but when it does that the device is unusable and I always get disconnected from whatever I'm doing. I get disconnected from chat, VoIP, online games and downloads no less than 10-20 times a day. How can verizon charge premium broadband prices for such an unreliable service? Frequently when it disconnects I have to manually connect it to the verizon network from the configuration page or it will just sit there in a "disconnected" state. The modem restarts itself whenever it feels like it, which is quite often. It has the latest firmware, I've gotten a replacement device and even a replacement SIM card that isn't the right size for the slot but it still "works" if you can call it that. Even the wifi the device puts out is sub-par, I'm only getting 2-3 bars of wifi signal from the device and it's sitting less than 8 feet from my computer in the same room. Verizon reps have told me that I'm stuck with this device even though I know there are other mifi models available because I saw one in the verizon store. It looks like a 2200 with a few more buttons on the front, so I don't understand why I'm being forced to use a clearly flawed model. I've also had quite a few reps tell me that it's safe to leave the device plugged into the charger but I've read quite a few user posts that say otherwise so which is it? I'm at the end of my rope with this "service" that I spend more time screaming at the modem than getting any use out of it. I'm about 1 more call to customer "service" away from telling everyone I know and even random people I meet in public that verizon is a sorry excuse for a phone and internet service provider and they DO NOT care about their customers. I guess they just know that if you're desperate enough to pay high dollar for limited access to an unreliable service, that you have no other options so they stick it to you hard as they can and care not if it works like it's supposed to. I'm furious!!!

This is the THIRD time I'm posting this, the last time it stayed up for about 20 minutes before someone removed it without sending me a message as to why, I'm just going to keep posting. Either tell me what part of my post breaks the rules or let it be. I've posted no personal threats, no personal information, no offensive or derogatory language. All I've done is describe the terrible service I've been given. Just to keep record the link to the last post that was deleted is: https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/781786 and when you go there it only states "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here." I'd like a moderator to speak up and stop cowardly deleting my posts.

Fourth time now, I can do this all day and since no one is contacting me to let me know if I'm breaking any rules then I must not be breaking any.  URL for my third post is https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/781787 and I am taking screen shots now for proof.

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