Mifi doesn't connect to google revue

I tried getting my google revue going with my Verizon mifi 4510L but every time I try connecting it, it gives me a error message saying its not connecting. Any suggestions or help?? Thanks.

Re: Mifi doesn't connect to google revue
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Sounds to me like your Google Revue does not like either the kind of wireless signal broadcasted from your MiFi or the password is incorrect.  Take a look at the following steps and see if you can clean it up.

Change the 802.11/Wireless Mode

  1. Sign into your MiFi
  2. Click the Wi-Fi tab
  3. Change the 802.11 mode from B+G+N to B+G
  4. Click Apply
  5. Test your connection

Delete the saved/cached password in WinXP:

  1. Navigate to Start > Settings > Network Connections
  2. Right Click Wireless Network Connection
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select the Wireless Networks Tab
  5. Delete the SSID for the MiFi in the list
  6. Try to reconnect to the MiFi like normal

The saved password credential steps above may not apply to you, but I hope you get the idea.  Basically your device is saving bad credentials somewhere.  You need to find out where it saves the wireless credentials and re-enter them.

If you are unable to sign into the MiFi with any other devices then you will have to restore the defaults on the MiFi and re-apply any custom configuration changes you might have made.

Level 3 Reset

  1. Power on the MiFi
  2. Remove the back cover
  3. Press and hold the Reset button next to the battery for 10 seconds
    a. Paper clip seems to work best for pressing the reset button
    b. Watch the MiFi E-Ink display to see if all the icons are displayed
  4. Release the Reset button
  5. Reassemble the MiFi
  6. Test your connection