Mifi questions

I am by no means computer or new technology saavy. I just purchased a Mifi due to a salesperson at our local VZwireless store.  I have a USB card right now.  Here are my questions... We live out in the sticks and our signals are not that great, we have cell phones and they work but some better than others.  Our USB card works but only through the antenna cable (or what ever you call it?) and still we go dormant and sometimes lose connection due to our signal (I guess this is why).  We purchased the Mifi so we could link up our devices as the USB was our sole internet.  Will Mifi better or worsen our situation?  Also if I have to go back to using my USB card due to Mifi not working well out here, then I have another problem as I had purchased a new laptop and had to go to the store to have the USB software installed, I left my CD for installing the USB card in my new computer so they would have it at the store, I just noticed last night that it wasnt in the computer any longer so they must have taken it out?  That means I cannot reinstall my USB???


Also do you have to pay for anything extra (hardware, etc..) to link up other devices to your Mifi? I heard that you can link up to 5 devices but wasnt sure it this was included in my $60.00 a month?

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I don't know any reason reception with the MIFI will be any better or worse than with the USB card.  You can connect your laptops wirelessly if they have a network adapter card installed.  Most laptops have this built in.