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Mifi slow

Okay so every review I've read talks about how super fast the Mifi 2200 is but it takes forever pages to download and don't even try to watch a video because it stops every 30 seconds to buffer. I thought maybe it was my computer but i have my roku which is a router you have to watch netflix movies instantly  and yeah that doesn't work either movies stops just like the computer to reload. Is there something I can do to speed it up?

Re: Mifi slow

There are several options that you have  that may help with your MIFI being slow.

The following tips will help solve many common problems encountered while using the MiFi


Make sure you are using the MiFi 2200 in the correct geographic region: a Mobile

Broadband and NationalAccess the MiFi 2200 in the US.

Ensure that the wireless network’s coverage extends to your current location.

When properly installed, the MiFi 2200 is a highly reliable product. Most problems are caused by one of these issues:

The wrong driver has been installed.

System resources required by the MiFi 2200 are being used by other devices.

Network coverage is not available (either because you are outside the Mobile

Broadband and NationalAccess coverage area or because of an account or network


-You can also perform a Master Reset to your MIFI device.

There is Master Reset button on the bottom of the device. The Master Reset button restores the device Wi-Fi settings only back the factory default settings.

To use the Master Reset button:

1. Locate the button on the bottom of the device.

2. Depress for five (5) seconds.

Technical Support

For additional information and technical support for VZAccess Manager and Verizon wireless

devices, you can visit the Verizon Wireless Data Technical Support page at:


Re: Mifi slow

If you want help with your issue we need more info:


1.  What is your Signal Strenght?

2.  What is your RSSI?

3.  What is your Ping?

4.  What is your Download Speed?

5.  What is your Upload Speed?


All these factor in to determine why your mifi is slow.  If you dont know what I am asking you please read this article it will explain on how to get the rssi how to do a site survey.  You might actually need to get an amplifier, antenna etc to bring you up to speed.


Also a good forum to search out answers  is from


Re: Mifi slow

1.  What is your Signal Strenght? 2-3 bars

2.  What is your RSSI?-86dBm

3.  What is your Ping?969ms

4.  What is your Download Speed? .13mb

5.  What is your Upload Speed? .01mb


What can I do to up those because those seem really really low