Mifi2200 bad reception

Just received the mifi2200...hoping it would be better than Sprint...no way...your coverage maps are not accurate...so now I have two devices I have to figure out how to return and end up eating the $35.00 each restocking fee...this isnt good...My internet access was worse than dial up with your service and i even did that update thing...hooked my Sprint Hotspot back up and now sending this to you...flustrated!!!

Re: Mifi2200 bad reception
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I'm sorry to hear your experience with the MiFi not as fast as expected. There could be several factors causing your connection to be slower including your location. We encourage you to contact us anytime you have issue so we can troubleshoot and determine the resolution. We are sending a message to you directly see if the issue was resolved and offer our assistance.  


Thank you

Re: Mifi2200 bad reception
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tjvmichgan wrote:

...your coverage maps are not accurate...


The lack of coverage maps should be obvious.

AT&T, US Cellular, sprint, all offer "signal strength maps".

Verizon offers coverage maps, which means they will sell service to you if you are in the area.


All of my mountainous county is bright red, perfect digital coverage.

The signal strength maps from the other vendors tell a more reliable story of whether something will work or not.