Missing NWUSBCDFIL.SYS - Suddenly unable to use USB760 on ACER Netbook - Help!

I have been using USB760 modem on my Acer Netbook for over a year now and suddenly when I try to use it, an error comes up looking for the NWUSBCDFIL.SYS driver.  I can't find this driver anywhere but I see reference to it associated to Novatel broadband modems.  I looked on the USB760 using my other laptop (works just fine there) and can't find the driver on the USB.  I've searched my XP systems looking for this driver and can't find it.  Using search I found reference to this driver being corrupted or deleted by virus scanning program.


I can't find this driver on the Verizon site either.  Does anybody have a copy of this driver for XP?  Or tell me where I can get it?