Mobile Broadband

We live out in the country and have a dial-up internet connection. We're considering satellite internet service but have read that it's not as fast as advertised. We're looking into wireless broadband and have the following questions:


1. we occassionally upload photos and share files with family members. Could we do this with wireless bb and how fast are the speeds?

2. we also occassionally download music files. How compatable is wireless bb for doing this?

3. would we have to change our current isp?

4. is it compatable with Windows Vista?


We're looking at this strictly for family usage and not business. Thanks. 

Re: Mobile Broadband

You want to check the coverage locator on the verizonwireless website to make sure Mobile Broadband is available in your area.  If it is, you may have Rev. 0 or Rev. A.  Speeds will vary depending on the type of coverage.  Either will be much faster than dialup. 


1.  Upload speeds for Rev. 0 are between 60 and 80 Kbps on average.  On Rev. A, it will average 500 - 800 Kbps.

2.  Mobile broadband is much faster than dialup for downloads.  Rev. 0 will be between 400-700 Kbps on average.  Rev. A will be between 600 Kbps and 1.4 Mbps. 

3.  Verizon Wireless would be your ISP.  ISP = Internet service provider.  If you wanted to keep your old email address from the dialup provider, you would probably need to continue to pay the monthly service to them.  You could try to contact the provider to see if you are able to only pay for the email access and not the internet connection.  Not sure if they will do that or not.  There are also many free email options out there (hotmail, gmail, yahoo).

4.  Most current devices are compatible with Vista.  I would suggest the USB760.  Software is already loaded on the card and it is very easy to install.  It also has a MicroSD memory card slot so you can buy additional memory and the device can act like a thumb drive as well. 


Some 3rd party companies offer routers as well that will turn the aircard signal into WiFi so multiple computers can share the connection.  Just remember that the service only includes 5GB of uploading and downloading.  If you go over, it will cost more.  Most people do not exceed that amount.  If you watch quite a bit of streaming video online or download 1000 songs per month, you will likely go past the 5GB. 


Hope that helps!