Month by Month Mobile Broadband?

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I have an LG Chocolate 3.  First, is this phone considered a smartphone that can be used to connect a laptop to the Internet (essentially using it as a modem or aircard)?  Secondly, does Verizon offer someway that I could sign up for, say, one month only of this type of service and then be done with it?  It sounds like a great deal for Verizon to offer to people looking for a way to have internet access while away from home on vacation or similar.



Re: Month by Month Mobile Broadband?
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The LG Chocolate 3 is not considered a smartphone, by any means. However, you can still tether the phone to your laptop and use it as a modem. It is what's called Mobile Broadband capable. So you'll need a feature called Mobile Broadband Connect and for your device it's $49.99/mo. It's an add-on feature so it's something you can add/remove at any time. So very flexible.

The same rules will apply to that feature as a normal broadband access card, meaning your data is limited to 5GB for that $49.99. If you want the feature all you need to do is call and ask.


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