Monthly-no-contract for Mobile Broadband

When I bought my USB modem the salesperson told me that in addition to DayPass ($15 for 24 hours), when I need usage beyond a week it would be much cheaper to use the monthly-no-contract plan for one month.  He told me I would be offered this option when I log in to VzAccess, but in fact the only option I see in VzAccess is DayPass. 


If someone is using monthly-no-contract for Mobile Broadband, I'd appreciate your telling me how I go about setting this up.  Is it indeed an option in VzAccess and somehow I am missing it?  Or do I need to call sales and initiate it that way?  I called sales, by the way, and the person I talked to didn't know the answer, and I can't find anything about this plan on the Verizon website.


Question two is, does the monthly-no-contract renew automatically at the end of a month until I terminate it, or am I offered the option to either terminate or renew?


My question was answered by someone in customer service in response to an email I sent.  Month to month (no contract required) is NOT intended for start and stop usage as needed, as DayPass is.  The salesperson was seriously misinformed about this. 


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