My experience USB 720 vs. USB 760

I'll start by saying that all of the Verizon support people tried to help and were very courteous.


After about a year with my USB 720, at times the internet speeds began to decrease.  Over the past several months the problem has only worsened.


I have made more than 10 calls to tech support and have complied with all of their suggestions including the following: Updated the software on the USB 720, purchased a USB 760, (with a new two-year contract) purchased an external antenna with adapter, took my laptop and USB 760 to a Verizon store for a session with a technician and submitted a troubleshooting ticket.  As a result of the ticket, Verizon sent a van to my street and determined that there is sufficient signal strength here.


None of the above suggestions made any difference to the common slow speeds.  Finally with my original contract running out this month, I returned the USB 760, and the external antenna (within the 30 day period).  This canceled the new contract and I was reverted back to the original one using my old USB 720.  The 720 performs at least as well as the 760 indicating the problem is elsewhere. 


I will let my contract expire and use the USB 720 on a month-to-month basis for a while.  If the speeds don’t improve I’ll have to make a change although I’d like to stay with Verizon broadband.


A call from Verizon will surely be welcome.  I’m anxious for a solution or at least an explanation.