MyVerizon Activation and MiFi Activation, without VZAccessManager
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I used to have an ExpressCard for my laptop, but when I upgraded to Windows 7, there were no drivers available.


I had been considering a MiFi anyway, and lack of device drivers seemed to be an excellent reason to get one.  The fact that I could do multiple devices was a plus, just being able to move to a device without installing drivers was attractive.


After I got it, I plugged it in to the AC adapter, connected via WiFi and activated it via http.


Now, I find that I can't open a MyVerizon account because I can't read text messages without VZAccess Manager.

Why would I want to install some over-reaching access manager that wants to handle all of my communication needs just to read one text message?


Does no one find this ludicrous?

They sent USMail with a password that didn't work.

While on the phone for 20 minutes trying to get them to at least admit that this wasn't very friendly, a chat window opened, and I posed the same question there. 

Same story, but the chat agent noted that two USMail passwords had been sent out on the same date.


Perhaps the other one would arrive today, and I could use it instead.

Except my account is locked because of excessive retries, and I doubt that the new piece of mail is going to work.

I tried my phone number, the user name I assigned myself, and my email address.  I guess that was excessive.

I might have tried my phone number with and without the -.




I asked what was so incredibly dangerous about MyVerizon that they had to maintain tighter security than my bank, stock broker, and health care provider.



But, in review on the web, it seems that one needed VZAccess to activate the device, which I didn't do.

Maybe before that was changed, I would have been stuck a lot earlier.


Can I use someone else's VZAccess, maybe at the store, to read my one text message?