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Network Extender Causing Date & Time Error

I bought a Network Extender back in September. Ever since then, I get a sporadic issue where the date & time on my iPhone 5, now my iPhone 6, change to something that is incorrect. I wasn't sure if it was being caused by the Network Extender as I was able to solve the problem by resetting the time manually. The latest occurence was today with my iPhone 6, where even though the time I checked my phone was actually 12:40 PM, and the date is January 4th, 2015,  my phone's date & time read 10:15 AM, January 6, 1980. This time, setting the time manually didn't work as it goes off of time zone and it was still reading the same date & time. After a A LOT of back and forth between Apple and Verizon Wireless, it came down to it actually BEING the Network Extender as I unplugged it and everything went back to normal. For now, I'm leaving the extender unit unplugged as I would like to contact Verizon Wireless to officially let them know this is happening. Has anyone else encountered this problem? It's quite aggravating as it causes a big inconvenience when trying to use your iPhone as your alarm clock. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Re: Network Extender Causing Date & Time Error

Hi Bluecub78, Not sure where you are located, but we live outside of Boston. Sunday night 1/4/15 all the iPhones in our house (5 total) changed to random dates and times. Went on all day Monday 1/5/15. Finally I tried unplugging the network extender and rebooting it. Seems to have fixed the issue, but certainly a Verizonwireless issue with their network extenders.