Network Extender Issue : Wan Light Blinks Red Once Then Stays Off


Hoping for some direction.  I was assisting a client installing a Verizon Wireless Network Extender today and was running into issues.  The extender to connected to the Wireless Router using a Cat5e cable and the GPS cable extender is being used and the GPS anttenna is outside.  GPS shouldn't be the issue as it is extended and is in a prime spot.


When the unit is turned on, the WAN light blinks red once quickly then the light stays off.  The Sys light goes from blue to red and back and forth, GPS light does the same, and the Power light says blue.


I have tried two different routers, connected it directly to the Comcast cable modem, changed the CAT5e cable, and opened UDP ports as suggested by the FAQ on each router (500, 4500, 53, 52428) and the result has been the same.  All other devices and the internet functions on the network with no issue.  I've double checked all connections.


I've also power cycled the Extender, Router, and Cable Modem.  Moved the GPS anttenna farther outside.  The extender doesn't change.  The WAN light stays dead and the GPS never syncs.  I am in the correct coverage area for this extender.


Any thoughts or direction would be great.  Thinking I possibly got a lemon.  Didn't know if anyone had a similar issue and had a solution.  Thanks!!!! 

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