Network Extender - Leaving Powered On

I just bought a Network Extender.  Is it better to leave it powered on 24 hours a day, or should we turn it off at night when we don't use it?  I don't know how much power it uses.  It gets fairly hot.  I also don't know whether it's better for the equipment to be on all the time.  Generally, most people have different views on the last issue.


Thanks for any suggestions and, in particular, any documented sources for your suggestions (I looked on Samsung's website but found nothing).

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Re: Network Extender - Leaving Powered On
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It is perfectly fine to leave the device on 24/7. However if you wish you can switch it off at night when you are not using to save energy and to give the device a period of time to rest. It may get warm from being left on for periods of time but it will not cause damage to the device or any surrounding area. Hope this helps.