Network Extender Manager Link

I just found out if you are looking for the link to manage the priority list for your network extender it will be under the "My Services" link after you have logged onto the "My Verizon Wireless" site. 


Procedure to find link:


1. Log onto the "My Verizon Wireless" web site:


2. Click on "My Services" 

--You have to click on the "My Services" button/link the network extender manager will not appear in the drop down menu.


3. This will take you to the services overview page.


4. You should find all of your services listed in the boxes on this page. 


5. From here you should be able to click the manage or support link listed under the Network extender area.


6. If you have any problems, such as it not being listed there, the customer service people should be able to help. You can find their number under the contact link below the welcome dialogue in the upper right corner of your page.


Hopefully this will help.