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Network Extender - Motorola E815

I just bought a Network Extender.  My Motorola E815 phone doesn't register easily.  The Verizon tech said that it would probably register okay if I upgraded the software version.  However, I'd have to go to a Verizon store to upgrade the software AND there's a risk it would "fry" the phone (don't you love it?).  Finally, if the store-installed upgrade destroys the phone, I am responsible for the cost of upgrading the phone.  Sigh.


Anyway, to help with registration, the tech told me to put the phone in my microwave for 15+ seconds with the door closed.  She was right.  When I do that, it registers.  It's kind of a pain though because you have to re-register the phone every time it goes outside of the range of the extender, or if you turn the phone off.  It's also pretty silly, but I suppose I can live with silliness.  I also experimented by putting the phone in a metal filing cabinet.  That also seems to work.


Any ideas about upgrading the phone?  Any ideas about Verizon's responsibility if the upgrade destroys the phone?



Re: Network Extender - Motorola E815

i have two motarola 815, great phone when we RV and are in marginal signal locations. this phone works when others didn't.

but putting a new 815 on is my problems.  i finally got  2 of my phones on in this southern tx area, but they register as extended area when they are not, verizone was no help  3 more 815 phones also no help. yes verizon put me thru the software is not up to date and other nightmares over a months time, but i persisted since i new this is a great phone.  and yes it is a verizone network problem, i went a few hundred miles away to a place where i was in verizone ev territory   dialed the *228 and all is well in my area now