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Network Extender Not Keeping Link with Blackberry Curve 8330

I hope someone here has experienced a solution to this problem because I am at my wits end trying to figure this out.


I have a BB Curve 8330 that will not keep a link with my Network Extender.  The BB Curve works fine when I am not connecting through the Extender (ie. when I am away from my house and connecting through a regular cell tower).


The Extender works fine when I use it with the other phones (none of them are BB - just regular phones) on my account.  It seems that the only problem is that the BB Curve won't keep the link when using it with the Extender.


I have been woking with VZW tech support at all levels for the past 3 weeks and they said they couldn't figure it out either.  I even got another BB Curve from my local VZW store at tech support's suggestion and that one also doesn't work with the Extender but works fine otherwise.


 At this point, since 2 different BB Curves didn't work, that leads me to guess that the problem is with the Network Extender and / or some of its settings.  I know that a few posts here have said that Extender tech support can change some settings from their end to possibly help fix this situation.  If anyone knows, what exactly do I need to tell tech support so that they understand what I need done?


Any thoughts, ideas, etc. would be much appreciated.  If I can't find a solution here, I guess I'm just not destined to have a BB.


Re: Network Extender Not Keeping Link with Blackberry Curve 8330
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Exact same thing here...does anyone out there have a resolution?
Re: Network Extender Not Keeping Link with Blackberry Curve 8330

Problem with Network Extender and Blackberry Tour 9630.


I have had a Network Extender for over a month.  It worked great with two Verizon Coupe phones.  The phone would show roam, would reliably register to the Network Extender, and provide the confirmation beep and enunciate when you dialed #46.  This all worked great.


I upgraded to two Blackberry Tours.  They indicate 5 bars and are "seeing" signal from the Network Extender.  However, if I dial #46 I get a recording from a telco switch not from the extender.  There is no indication of roaming on the Blackberry as expected.  If I disconnect (unplug) the extender, I drop down to 1 bar and I still have enough signal to make calls.  Dialing #46 gives me the same switch recording.  If I plug the extender back in and wait for it to boot up, I again have 5 bars on the Bberry.  The Berry shows the 1XEV mode whether the Network extender is plugged in or not.


So it appears that voice calls are not using the Network Extender at all.  I can't determine if data services (sms or email) are using the Network Extender.


I have been surprized to learn that minutes are deducted from our account for calls placed over the network extender.  This was not the way the Verizon sales person explained it to me.

Re: Network Extender Not Keeping Link with Blackberry Curve 8330

Actually, Verizon knows exactly what this problem is and why it exists.

I have confirmed it with them a couple of times.

What is known....

Blackberry devices do not stay connected with the network extender when you move away from it just a few feet. It was explained to me as the blackberry prefers the EV signal over the 1x signal. So, blackberry devices will switch to any EV signal even if they are fainter unless they right next to the network extender.

Verizon has known this for some time, even at the introduction of the Network extender. If you are being told that they are troubleshooting or do not know, they are either buying time and hoping you'll get tired of complaining, or you just got a sub-standard support person, who does not know what is common knowledge among tech support.

One thing that they tell you they will try is to turn up the power on your network extender to see if that will fix the problem.

So far, I have not heard of anyone with a Blackberry that this has worked for.

{keep it courteous} the only fix to the problem is a firmware update to the blackberry. And we know that this is not going to happen, as blackberry has just updated their operating software to V5 and this fix is not in it. In other words, Verizon is unconcerned with your dissatisfaction with their hardware incompatability problems, and are riding on the fact that you will have to pay big to get out of your contract. Sorry to say it but you may just have to "suck it up" until your contract runs out, or you buy another phone that works with their network extender.



Re: Network Extender Not Keeping Link with Blackberry Curve 8330

Verizon knows and can fix this problem by blocking certian towers that are weak and cause the extender not to work.. just give them a call