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Network Extender (SAMSUNG) quit after install of DLINK DIR-625 (Rangebooster N Router)

Our Network Extender (SAMSUNG) has decided to finally quit working, giving a solid red SYS and GPS light since we installed a DLINK DIR-625 (Rangebooster N) Router on our system.


The linear configuration of how things are hooked up is as follows


....INCOMING DSL LINE is plugged into "phone" port of - Actiontec Wireless DSL Gateway Model #GT704WG

....the GT704WG is connected to the "internet" port of the DLINK DIR-625 w/Ethernet cable from port #1 on the GT704WG

....the SAMSUNG Network Extender is connected via Ethernet cable to port #2 on the GT704WG


When we first connected and configured the DIR-625, the SAMSUNG Network Extender worked fine for a couple of days.  Day before yesterday, the GPS light went from blue to solid RED; I power cycled the unit per the manual instructions, and even went so far as to power cycle the GT704WG gateway.   Moved the SAMSUNG around a bit (although, it's been in this same window location for 6 months now without losing signal), and still no signal.  Pulled out GPS antenna, still no signal.  Then yesterday, I noticed that I wasn't getting the typical "acknowledge tone" when I made a call, and I saw that while the WAN light on the SAMSUNG was blue, the SYS light was solid red.  Again tried power cycling the SAMSUNG as well as the GT704WG, but still no activity ... While all the computers connecting wireless through the DIR-625 are getting out to the internet just fine, the SAMSUNG still is non-functional.  I even went so far as to reset it, and put it into one of the open ports on the DIR-625, but I am sill getting no activity.


Do I need to force open any ports on the DIR-625?   Because it is acting as the "wireless router" for our network, I have disabled the "wireless" capabilities of the GT704WG; so it is just acting as a "gateway" or "modem."  Should I re-enable the wireless on this?


I'd really like to get this solved while my boss is away this week on business, so he won't notice that the SAMSUNG isn't exactly working as it was before :smileyhappy:


Thanks in advance,

Sue Smith

Re: Network Extender (SAMSUNG) quit after install of DLINK DIR-625 (Rangebooster N Router)

While I do not have any Network Extender or the DLINK DIR-625, I think I know why...


You can not have two or more wireless devices close to each other. If they are to close, they will fight each other.


I have no idea of how close, they can be without them fighting each other.


And there is something about the channel..


I would suggest checking the:


#1 Distance (as the crow flies) between the Network Extender and the DLINK DIR-625.


By as the crow flies, in a straight line. Not the distance that you have to go, because you can't walk through walls...


#2 Channel of both devices.


Both devices, I believe, can not be on the same channel. This I am not sure of?


Perhaps, they should be the same channel.



Re: Network Extender (SAMSUNG) quit after install of DLINK DIR-625 (Rangebooster N Router)

I have a D-Link 825 and everything works fine...thank goodness, because there's coverage all around me but for the "cone of cell phone silence" within a couple of miles around my house.


I believe the proverbial crow must fly at least 3 feet from the extender before it arrives at the next wireless device, like the router.  The distance is in the extender manual.

Re: Network Extender (SAMSUNG) quit after install of DLINK DIR-625 (Rangebooster N Router)

Oddly enough; moving the network extender CLOSER to the router solved the problem.   We also now believe that the lan port of the network extender is bad, as if you wiggle the patch cable near the plug, signal re-engages.  I've replaced the patch cable with now 3 brand new ones and each elicits this response; so I have requested an RMA for the unit as it is still under warranty.