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Network Extender Sent Texts not received

I have a Droid X. When on my Network Extender that I've had for a year, I can receive texts without a problem. When I send a text, my phone believes it was sent without a problem but the person never receives them. I have tested this with a few friends and my wife. I believe it has been going on since I've had it. Any suggestions?

Re: Network Extender Sent Texts not received

I'm having the exact same problem (I also have a Droid X), did anyone respond to you?

Re: Network Extender Sent Texts not received
Verizon Employee

Good morning.


I know it can be awkward having a one-way conversation with yourself via text.  Especially if it's supposed to be a two-way text.  Is this still happening to both of you, SaltyGary and mistwire?  When sending a text, you can manually enter the phone number of the person you are texting rather than selecting the names from your contacts list.  Once the other party replies, the thread will be refreshed with the correct number, and the problem should be fixed.


If you are still having the issue after trying the steps above, please send me a Private Message and I will be happy to personally assist you. 


Thank  you,