Network Extender and Long Text Messages

I've seen some posts here that suggest that text messaging isn't affected by Network Extender coverage.   I am not entirely sure that is the case, as once installing the extender in the home, I was able to reliably send / receive texts.   The problem I'm having seems to suggest that it is somehow involved as well


Has anyone seen the following behavior:


1)  Phone (Samsung i760) registers w/ Network Extender

2)  Have a long text message (greater than 160 chars so that it is split into 2+ messages) sent to you


The phone does receive the message, and at this point, will not receive any calls or text messages as long as it is still registered against the extender.


In order to fix the problem, I have to unplug the extender, let the queue flush itself to my phone (I almost immediately receive all VMs and TXT messages), and then I can plug it back in and use it again.   I was able to reproduce this behavior at a friend's house who was also running under an extender w/ a Samsung Omnia.


I went to the VZW store where I bought the extender, and they looked at me as though I had 3 heads when I tried to describe the problem.   I just got frustrated and left.


Thanks in advance!

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