Network Extender barely works after two weeks only: sees the blackberry ONLY

I have had (and still am having) somewhat an issue with my Extender. I did work fine for 2 weeks. Now, the only phone which is capable getting on this Extender network is my Blackberry (Tour). The other 4 phones on the plan can not get on the Extender network and do not see the Extender. It is very easy to check by just dialing #48. All four LEDs are steady blue and the apparatus was powered down, rebooted etc. etc. countless number of times.  After spending in excess of 2.5 hours with a Verizon tech support person who was constantly apologizing instead of doing his job I was able to get a "Ticket" with further assurances of more telephone conversation with other "technical" specialists within next 8 days. 

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