Network Extender conflicting with Wireless Router



I have the Verizon Network Extender plugged into a Linksys Wireless "G" Router which in turn has my cable modem plugged into it.  I have had the unit for more than 30 days and for the most part haven't had any issues. 


Then suddenly one day the router and Extender started having issues.  I tried messing with the router thinking that maybe it got reset during an power outage or something.  Despite resetting its configuration I was unable to get my wireless devices to connect to it.  Seems the signal strength would go from excellent to weak or non-existant within a moments notice. 


Finally after trying reboots and various other tests I simply unplugged the Network Extender and now the devices in our home can see the wireless router with excellent strength and doesn't drop.


So I'm guessing the Extender and router are conflicting with each other.  Unfortunately I don't understand enough about Telecom or wireless technology to decipher why a cell phone extender would conflict with a wireless signal.


Has anyone else experienced this or is there something I should try (like moving them further apart) to get them to work?


Any help would be most appreciated.



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The wireless router antenna should be at least three feet from the Network Extender.  I've got both on a single desktop about 40 inches apart and I have no detectable problems with interference.   The Wireless G router for Wi-Fi is using a whole different frequency band from the Cell phone transmissions to/from the Network Extender. 


If it was working OK, then stopped working, it suggests that something else is going on.  Verizon's network service for their Network Extender devices has been going down every couple weeks, so that may be part of the no service symptoms you're experiencing.   When Verizon's internet service for the Extenders goes down, your Network Extender is good only as a paperweight until it comes back up.