Network Extender where you need it most.... where you 'can't see the sky'. How to make it work?!

Does anyone have suggestions for how you can set up a Network Extender inside a building where you are nowhere inside the limit of the included 20' (?) GPS extender cable?   I had originally thought I'd heard you could 'expose' the NE to the sky, shut it down, repower it up inside, and as long as it wasn't more than say 15 minutes (so you couldn't drive out of the country... :smileyhappy: ), it would be fine.


But it appears that you have to have a permanent GPS signal. Which makes it totally useless for one of the two places you want to use it:  on the interior of a building, where you can't get a cell signal.  (It will work fine when you are in a location where you *can* see the sky but have no towers nearby, of course.)


We wanted to use this in an office building's basement, but it appears the only alternate is a commercial solution that costs about $10K with antennas and repeaters. Not going to happen.  There really needs to be an affordable solution for this application.


Anyone have a suggestion?  Another poster asked about 'how long can you make the external GPS antenna cable'?  That's one (bad) solution.  Any ideas on how long that can be without too much loss?

Re: Network Extender where you need it most.... where you 'can't see the sky'. How to make it work?
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There are extenders that dont use WiFi. I think its a signal booster, you hook up a simple annenna outside and it runs a standard coaxial cable into whereever. It hooks then into a WiFi looking device. They run about $150 single band and about $300 dual band (verizon/sprint/etc). It basically takes whatever outside signal you have and brings it inside.