Network extender fail


I have a Samsung Network Extender. I got it back at the beginning of October, and it worked fine.

Sometime, around the 10th of December, it stopped working.

All the lights are on and blue, so it thinks it's ok, but when I check my phone, it says I have no signal. *228 does not work, and #48 says "not registered on network".

I have tried multiple routers, and multiple phones. I have put the phones into the "white list" for the extender. I have upgraded firmwares on the routers.

I have called Verizon multiple times with no results.

I am in NW Wisconsin, and a quick search through the forums shows a lot of people in NW Wisconsin are having this same issue.

I cancelled my landline in November because the extender worked so well. Now, I am going on my 3rd week with no phone at home.

Verizon needs to fix this, and fix it NOW!



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