Network extender location issue

I live in Clemmons, NC (just outside of Winston-Salem, NC) and both of the Network Extenders I've used say I'm in Hilton Head, SC.  While I've been to Hilton Head and would love to live there, I don't.  I have had at least 4 conversations with Verizon technical support (that's why I'm now using my 2nd Extender) and I just completed an hour's worth of conversation with Motorola and gave them remote control of my Motorola Droid Razor Maxx and I STILL am located in Hilton Head!  The Motorola tech tried several different things but could not correct the problem.  It's really not a major problem but when you spend $250+ for something, I mean Holy Cow, you want it to work correctly!  I don't think this issue is correctable after spending so much time with Tech Support for Verizon and Motorola.  I'm SUPPOSED to get a call back tomorrow from the last Verizon tech I spoke with (2 others made appts. for call backs and NEVER called back) and if she calls, I've got to decide whether I want to keep an expensive (for me) piece of equipment that doesn't work properly or return it and have poor cell coverage in the new home I just built and moved into 6 weeks ago.  VERY FRUSTRATING.

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