New Compaq Netbook Won't Connect WMC604 Error

My wifes xmas gift, out of the box last night, a compaq netbook, won't connect brand new. I get device could not establish a connection WMC 604. I have an existing hp netbook and verizon broadband account that works great every time. I spent 3 hours with tech support and 24 hours with no response and no progress. I'am thinking this isn't going to get fixed.


(1) Can anyone fix my WMC 604 problem?

(2) Can I go to the Verizon office on 20th ave in chico california for help on monday (or to return the netbook).

(3) I would MUCH rather have this work but what address do I send the netbook back too and how do I cancel my new contract. It's been one day only.


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