New Firmware FL06 for Samsung SCH-LC11 (can now force LTE)
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In case some of you missed it, the latest firmware upgrade for the Samsung SCH-LC11 router was recently released...

This latest version now includes a "Connection Schedule" option that allows you to force "EVDO Only" or "LTE Only" as your desired connection. The option in available under "Connection > Settings".

I specifically asked for this feature during a chat with Samsung tech support last month. The rep said they'd put in a feature request. I didn't actually think I'd ever see this feature on the SCH-LC11, but it's most appreciated.

Re: New Firmware FL06 for Samsung SCH-LC11 (can now force LTE)

dmc271: Thank you so much for this post of info. I have owned the SCH-LC11 since June of 2011. It's internet connection has been spotty at best in the area of NY that I live which straddles the line of availability between 3G & 4G service. I too have wondered why the unit did not permit one to select an LTE mode only. Heaven forbid that either Samsung or Verizon (both of which have my contact info and whose product web sites I have registered for) would inform me of this software update. Completed the download yesterday after having googled your comment and I am locked in on LTE service. Now, let's see if that makes a difference in the reliability of the SCH-LC11's connection to the internet.

Message was edited by: R Raniolo OK, so I am 6 days into being on LTE mode only.The results are so encouraging that I am compelled to post this update. I have to say that this solved all of my internet connectivity issues related to steadfast accessibility with no disconnects. I also noted that my SCH-LC11 isn't neing pinged every 7 or 9 minutes whenever I have it turned on 24/7. I am of the opinion that VZW owes all purchasers of this product some type of reimbursement for when we had connectivity issues or were using up data limits unnecessarily prior to this firmware release. Join me in a class action suit anyone? I am going month-to-month when my 2 year contract expires in 3 months.