New User with New Fivespot AC30 D51B

I have many frustrations but will be nice.....Just getting to this place to post and ask questions has been a trip all by itself!!!

About me...I am an extreme newbie at wireless, please bear with me.  In reading all I can find on this Fivespot, my basic understanding is that it is like a 'phone' for my computer (????).  I think I know now what WWAN is and it is the connection used by wireless if wireless signal is weak or gone.  Is this correct?

When I turn on the Fivespot with no USB attached, it powers up fine with a great signal.  It is using wifi, all is good.  I can connect it to the USB to keep the battery going and that is okay too.  Now, for no reason, while I am using the internet, the thing shuts off.  Why?  Is this a normal thing?  I have tried plugging it into straight power and it still just shuts off for no reason that I can figure....What's going on?


After this happens, one time I pushed the power button and it lit up again and I reconnected fine.  Other times I pushed the power button and nothing happens, even after holding the button as instructed.  When this happens, (it won't go on or off),  I take the battery out for a few seconds, put it in and it comes on again.   This works fine until it shuts off again.  Weird!  Is this normal operation for this unit?  If so, what a hassle!!


My next query.....When I plug it into the USB to start it, the only network that comes up is the Verizon Wireless-AZAccess.  The Fivespot wireless light never comes on.  I unplug it from the USB, turn it off and on again and the wifi works again.  I guess my question is about going from the wifi to the VZAccess.  My understanding was that it should do this seamlessly, given the signal strength.....So that when there is weak or no wireless signal it would revert to the VZAccess signal automatically and back again to wireless when the signal is there.  Is my thinking correct on this matter????

When I use my USB to power the signal using VZAccess, the signal is so weak.  AND, it never does get stronger.  I have to unplug the device turn it off and restart it again without the USB.  Only then can I plug in the USB to keep the strong signal.  One other thing, VZAccess Manager never detects my device and does not allow me to check my usage.  It says device not available.....even though I am using the device for internet access.  CRAZY!!!

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium sp1 on an HP Notebook and have downloaded and applied all updates to all devices and software from MicroSoft and from HP.  I have also downloaded and applied all updates I could find from Verizon for the Fivespot and for VZAccess Manager.


My apologies for writing this book, but have run out of options in finding answers in all the forums and support places I could find to go to.  I just got this device on Friday and have been downloading and searching all weekend to get this right.  I have already used up 2/3 of my monthly allotment of G's.

Can anyone help me, please? Thank you.

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I have the same issues with it randomly powering off and sometimes coming back on with a touch of the button and other times having to hold it in for a few seconds.  Other times I have to take the battery out too.  I don't know why it does it but I wish I did!  I'm about to launch the thing out of the window but that's another story and I am about to post a thread on that!


With regards to no wifi when it is plugged into the USB on the computer.  As far as I am aware that is exactly how it is supposed to work.  When plugged into the computer no wifi is available.