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I have been with AT&T for as long as I can remember but Friday I made the first part of my switch, so I thought.  I purchased a jetpack 4G LTE Hotspot from the local Verizon store for $75 and will receive at $50 rebate, after a long wait I am sure.  I was please with my purchase and went back to my office and became a Verizon salesman, told a co-worker what he could purchase and the internet service he would receive.  He immediately set out to also purchase a hotspot.  I should receive a commission.

But here is the problem, he called me a couple of hours later and said "how much did your pay?"  after I told him he said "why didn't you buy it at Walmart for .97 cents?".  Sure enough in Sunday's nationwide Walmart ad the 4G LTE hotspot is .97 with no rebate.  The exact hotspot I paid $75 for.  

So I guess they got me.  If I return the hotspot I purchased I will be charged a $35 re-stocking fee.  So my first experience with Verizon my be my last.  I am considering returning it taking the hit and going back to my old internet provider, since I still have a few days to cancel their service.  Just when I thought I was going to change 2 other cell phones and possibly purchase another from Verizon now I am ready to call it quits.

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I don't know if I would say that they "got you". They just did what they did according to the way they do it. Besides, bulk and discount department stores are renowned for making it hard for other businesses to do business because of the significant discounts they offer on their products - Walmart is especially known for this and this was even joked about on shows like South Park. If you do keep your business with VZW, consider looking at third parties like Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy. Just be careful because they can have their own terms for what you are agreeing to.

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Hello MOOzarks-

Welcome to Verizon Wireless! I certainly hope that we continue to provide you with your internet access for years to come! Third party retailers have their own inventory and set their own prices as they wish. Some times they are higher prices, and sometimes they are lower priced than what our corporate stores advertise. The thing you have the be aware (like CharmingPhlsphr said), many of these places have their own terms and conditions of service, in addition to the agreement you sign with Verizon Wireless. I would like the opportunity to address any further concerns you have. Please keep me posted!

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