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No Internet Connectivity- MiFI 4510L

I am unable to connect to the internet using my MIFI 4510L. I live in a rural area, but have 4G

I have been reading most of the posts with similar problems and tried all of the solutions. (reset 1,2,3) restarting computer. I have full bars on my device, but it is only getting a 3G signal and it says the computer is connected to  the device but won't connect to internet. My phone is receiving 4G. I have taken my MIFI to other locations and tried other computers and am still unable to get internet on any.

I also took it into a store and they couldn't get it to connect to anything, then they thought they had gotten it working, and told me it was yet it wasn't. The individuals at the store didn't seem to have tons of knowledge about getting it to work.

I originally bought this in January and haven't had problems before this. It has been a few weeks since I have been able to use my MIFI to get any internet.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Re: No Internet Connectivity- MiFI 4510L

Hello KB,

It sounds like there may be an issue with the 4G LTE antenna or SIM card on your MiFi. 

The resets would have cleared out any temporary issues associated with your device so we can rule that out.

You mention the MiFi has the same issue in different areas, presumebly under different wireless towers.  You also mention that your iPhone is connecting via 4G LTE to the same towers.  That rules out a local connection problem with your normal towers, lets assume they are working correctly.

Perhaps something fried on your MiFi which is causing the glitch behavior.  For example leaving the device in the sun can overheat and even melt components when the device is on.  This scenario seems to fit your symptoms the best.

What I suggest is talking with VZW again and requesting that they send you new hardware.  Either a new SIM card or a brand new device will most likely be needed to resolve the problem.  If you stop by a VZW store again they should be able to swap your SIM with a test SIM to confirm an issue in that area.  Likewise they could pop your SIM into another broadband device to see if it behaves normally too.