Novatel 760 firmware update

Ok; I'm a mac user . . . MBP, OS 10.5.8.


And I dabble in VMware Fusion (ver 2.0). . . 


So I'm installing the Access Manager (on the dark side) 'cuz the pass thru on the network connection isn't cooperating, (don'tcha just love the workarounds??)


Anyway, I get a message that the device has a firmware update available while on the windoze side. Of course I decline most updates while using windoze.


Then, looking from the Mac side I can't find any mention of a  760 device firmware update (software update).


And no help is obvious from the Verizon site.


The question is; Is there a real firmware update for the Novatel 760 device? (or is microsloth still as crappy as it always has been?)


TIA guys

Re: Novatel 760 firmware update
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There is a real firmware update for the device itself.  You can find information on it via the website.  Also on the VZ site.  Here is the filename.




BTW, the software isn't entirely necessary for use with the Mac OS X.  You simply configure the device in Network Preferences.  Should you want to stop using it, you can uninstall, then download it to a folder in case you need it later.  Also, make sure your OS X software is updated.


I will happy to assist you in configuring if you need.