Pantech UMW190 Reliabilty

I upgraded (???) from my old AC595 PCMCIA card to this  UMW190 to move to the USB connection. I have made the trip from Jacksonville, FL to Columbia, SC MANY times & over the past 4 years & had very few drops. ( Having a copilot\navigator\pilot makes this possible riding up I95)


But, on the trip up today, I couldn't keep it connected for more than a few miles. It was almost like it dropped at every cell change. Frequently (at least 4 times), there was a text window saying "configuring device". So, should I put this thing in a drawer until the software \ hardware is patched & actually works while going BACK to the older version of  VZaccess Manager & my old (but dependable) PCMCIA AC595? Or did I miss an update?


My laptop is a Dell 620 running XP sp 2.