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Pantech UMW190 activation problems/no EVDO

I set up an account for 5 GB/mo. service on a Pantech UMW190 3G modem this afternoon, but have not yet been able to access the network. I was guided through the activation process (Ctrl+D in VZManager, entered all fields needed) and it said "Activation Successful." However, I still could not connect, and continue to get Error 691: username/password invalid. Now, when I go to Options->Activate, it says "Activation Failed." I was on the phone for two hours and the issue ended up being handed off to upper-tier tech support, who are supposed to call me back within the next day or two.

A separate issue is that I am getting absolutely no bars for EVDO service, even though I'm in a decent-size city with towers nearby. I get reasonable signal with 1xRTT, but my RSSI lists as 0 dBm for EVDO, even driving around town with my laptop to rule out some sort of blockage at home. Tech support suspects it's a problem with the device's antenna, but I'm suspicious, as I've had data cards act similarly before activation in the past. Does anyone know whether it's common/standard for VZAccess to indicate no EVDO reception prior to successfully activating/connecting a device?

EDIT: It seems I solved both problems in a very peculiar way shortly after posting this. I did Ctrl+D, typed in "diagvzw" for the password to access the advanced controls, and then switched my device's mode from "Global" to "EVDO only." This immediately caused VZManager to report three bars of EV, after claiming no bars all day long. I was then able to connect without issue.