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Plans for USB wireless modems?

I purchased a new computer and it came with no 56k modem card.  It's 64-bit, so my old cards don't work.  I want to get a Verizon USB modem to tap into the cellular network, which should be good around here.


My problem is I don't think I can agree to the 2 year terms.  About 2 years ago, a Verizon lineman who lives in this area said our lines were scheduled to be upgraded to DSL in 2 years.  If I subscribe for 2 years, and the line is upgraded in 6 months, I would have to pay not just the $60 per month but also $175 minus 6 X $5 = $145 to move to the cheaper DSL.


Can I purchase one of the Verizon modems off the internet, and get Verizon Wireless to give me a Month-to-Month subscription to data service (they do exist)?  Or would Verizon reduce my Early Termination Fee if I switch to Verizon DSL?  What would be the best thing to do?  Or do I just buy a new 56k modem and live with hour and a half downloads?


Re: Plans for USB wireless modems?
Contributor - Level 2
If you provide your own equipment, you can go Month to Month. Just mention it to your sales representative when signing up.
Re: Plans for USB wireless modems?
Contributor - Level 1
If you are unable to find a used piece of equipment from another source, you could look at full retail price of a device or signing a 1yr contract.  Depending on how much you are willing to spend will determine what type of contract you should or should not sign.