Port Forwarding Problem with Mifi 4620

     I have a remote location that I would like to install an IP Camera at to monitor. I was hoping to just place a hotspot there with the camera wirelessly connected to it and forward all inbound communications to the hotspot, to the camera's web server port.

     I am aware of the standard network limitations of doing this with the double nat and so forth, so I bit the bullet and paid the 500 for a static ip.

     I went with the 4620 over the 890 because it has much more robust port forward features in the router itself.

     After getting everything all set up in the 4620, and confirming connectivity, I tried to connect to the camera and no luck, the page comes back unable to connect. I try to ping the 4620 from a computer on a different LAN. No Reply.

      I opened a ticket on the problem and spoke with a verizon tech. We did some tracing of the router and found that all the connections up to the router that the 4620 is connected to, reply, but the 4620 fails to repond.  I confirmed that it is the device by doing the following:

1.     Pinging my cell phone sim and getting a response, pinging hotspot sim with no response

2.     Swapping sim cards between phone and hotspot

3.     Ping hot spot sim in phone, now getting a response, ping phone sim in hotspot, now no response.

4.     Swap the cards back, and everything returned to operation as stated in step 1.

Verizon said it is a device issue, and directed me to Novatel. Level 1 tech for Novatel tells me that if I can get on the internet, the device is working properly and may need a firmware modification. They escalated the ticket, and said the next level might be able to write a patch for the firmware.

So I am trying to determine two things.

1. Is there possily a fault device issue? I am not confident that since I can get on the internet that all is well with the device. So is there anyone out there using a 4620 with a static ip and able to do port forwarding? If so maybe the issue is with the device, not the firmware.

2. Maybe there is an issue with the firmware, and I will have to wait until the developers work thru the problem and push a firmware update out. So in the mean time what other devices are an option? Does anyone have an 890 that they are currently able to port forward on?

I am really suprised that Novatel would offer this device with such great routing features, but then have a firmware glitch that prevents it from working on a verizon network with a static ip...

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Mifi 4620
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I would like to do the same thing. But instead of paying the $500, I was hoping to use IPv6 addressing. The 4620 supports IPv6 and is assigned a Global address. I wonder what VZW or Novatel tech support would say to this?

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Mifi 4620
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I personally have not purchased a static IP from VZW so I cannot vouch that it works one way or another.  The idea behind it from other forum posters is the same as what you have described here.  It is supposed to be a work around to the whole NAT firewall issue on new LTE devices.

You can try to troubleshoot with Novatel on this one but from what is posted around here getting the vendors to customize anything that isn't out of the box is a slim chance.  Afterall, we can't get Novatel to fix a blindingly obvious limitation on accessing specific websites.  I'm surprised VZW was so quick to flake you off onto them.  In one way it makes me hopeful that the static IP is supposed to work the way we want and we have found yet another limitation to the 4620L.

One thing that I have personally confirmed on other threads is the use of a VPN tunnel to allow IP camera traffic through the NAT.  However, in your situation you would need a dummy computer, operator or appliance that can establish and maintain that tunnel for you since it will be in a remote location.

If it were me, I would get a statement from VZW telling you how much time you have to investigate before you can get your money back on the Static IP.  If the problem is not resolved by that deadline then cancel the service.  Force them to consider sending you an alternative device if this is a device specific problem.  After all, you are paying big bucks for this to work, the least they can do is throw some hardware at the problem.

Re: Port Forwarding Problem with Mifi 4620

maybe a little late, but I can confirm that Port Forwarding with a Static IP Address (publicly Addressable  IP) works with the 4620l.