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Problem with 4g LTE
We are being charged overage since last November 2012.  They said my 4g LTE spiked up in November to 11GB and I have the 4GB plan a month. I started fighting with verizon then and have been fighting since then.  There is no way we are using that, my husband only get on the internet to check facebook and hotmail.  I even took my battery out of my device and they still said I was using data.  I told tech support last night that I was ready to take both our phones and this hotspot and tell them where they could put it, and he said ok that is fine whatever you want to do.  Verizon said they have been issuing me a credit, but there is a problem, I have not noticed it on bill.  They have sent me two different devices and I am still having problems.  One night at 900 PM I got a text message that I was at50% then I turned it off, next morning I got up and turned on computers and hot spot...was on 15 minutes and got another text message at 75%, then 45 minutes later got another text message 90%.  Then by noon that day was at 100%.  That was only checking facebook and hotmail.  No streaming movies, nothing like that.  I have spoken with tech support today, and they said they put a diamond ticket in on my account, suppose to research my account and see what is happening.  If by the end of next month I am still having problems I am probably gonna switch company's after 25 years...but I am through fighting.  When I went to verizon store today they told me other people was having problems with the jet-pak.  I think they need to get this fixed and credit all of us for the past 6 months for all the overage. 
Re: Problem with 4g LTE

Make sure you have automatic downloads turned off on your computers os, and software update turned off as well.

Those 2 items will cause your data to surge.  Another thing try changing your password on your hotspot as well.