Problems since firmware upgraded on Fivespot


I have been using a fivespot now for a couple of months.  To be honest it has always been a bit funny when it comes to powering on and off.  It randomly powers off and sometimes comes on with a quick press, other times you have to hold it for 5 seconds or more.  Well I tethered it this morning and it wanted to do a firmware update.  I said yes hoping it would fix the power issues we have had.  Well it didn't and has in fact given me two more problems.  
The first is that now I can no longer use windows to connect to the Fivespots wireless network.  It just says it failed to connect but then if I use VZAccess Manager it connects.  That would be fine if this was the only lapto pI had but I have three and want to be able to connect like I did without needing the VZ software.  Once I have connected on the one with the software installed I can then connect from the others through windows.
Second problem.  I have a printer which is plugged into one of the laptops and is shared and I could print from all three.  Well since updating the firmware I cannot connect when all laptops are connected tot he Fivespot.  If I go round and connect them all to the Cysco router I can print but then have to go and put them all back on the Fivespot to get back online.
Anyone else having this problem?  It's a right pain in the **bleep** and I just want to roll back the firmware if nobody has another fix.


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