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[RUIAUTO] Invalid Packet State needs to go away...

Hi yall, frustrated to my wits' end here. Long story short: Have had MIFI 4510L for over a year now, 2 months ago started noticing disconnects while playing Eve Online, at first they were random and just mildly annoying. As time wore on they got worse eventually escalating to a point where i would get d/c'd multiple times per hour. Learned how to check my logs and find this:

09/09/12 17:52:48> Current Time

09/09/12 17:52:24> HDR/EvDO Out of Dormant State

09/09/12 17:52:23> HDR/EvDO in Dormant State

09/09/12 17:52:06> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_CONNECTED

09/09/12 17:52:06> HDR/EvDO Connected

09/09/12 17:51:56> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_END

09/09/12 17:51:56> HDR/EvDO Disconnected

09/09/12 17:51:56> [RUIAUTO] Invalid packet state

09/09/12 17:51:55> HDR/EvDO in Dormant State

09/09/12 17:50:19> HDR/EvDO Out of Dormant State

09/09/12 17:50:17> HDR/EvDO in Dormant State

09/09/12 17:41:46> HDR/EvDO Out of Dormant State

09/09/12 17:41:45> HDR/EvDO in Dormant State

09/09/12 17:40:13> First opening Index.html

09/09/12 17:40:03> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_CONNECTED

09/09/12 17:40:03> HDR/EvDO Connected

09/09/12 17:39:53> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_END

09/09/12 17:39:53> HDR/EvDO Disconnected

09/09/12 17:39:53> [RUIAUTO] Invalid packet state

09/09/12 17:39:52> HDR/EvDO in Dormant State

09/09/12 17:38:07> HDR/EvDO Out of Dormant State

09/09/12 17:38:06> HDR/EvDO in Dormant State

So I called verizon, and have received a completely new replacement device, new SIM card, heck I even purchased an antennae system that gives me constant great connection to EvDO service, and though i did notice the frequency of the errors drop when I got the new device, im still dealing with multiple errors per hour here, in fact, I had one just now as I write this. I have tried all the different levels of resets in the world, and I'm starting to think this is just going to have to be my internet experience, found a 9 month old thread about this same problem, where it appears simply upgrading the firmware helped the guy, running at full updated firmware on my machine though.

At first I was afraid it was software related, since it seemed like it started whenever I started playing Eve Online, however, my girlfriend spends time on the internet on her computer when I'm not on Eve and the errors still continue, though not as noticeably when you're just browsing the internet(Eve really hates it when you change your external IP during the middle of play, I'm bringing this issue to the developers as well).

So I guess the only other probable cause for this problem is a problem with the cell towers in the area? I don't know, I'm just reaching for answers here, this is my only way to have internet with above dial-up speeds, so it looks like I'm just going to have to grin and take it...thank you for your consideration!

Re: [RUIAUTO] Invalid Packet State needs to go away...
Customer Support

Good afternoon, ash811-

I'm sorry to learn of the difficulties this is causing you. I understand how this could be mildly to very annoying! What operating system are you using, Windows or Mac? Also, which version? Did you hear back from the developers of the online game yet? I did research and found nothing related to any recent software version for the 4510L. Please ensure the MiFi has the latest software update (steps: ). Additionally, please make sure there is no conflicting antivirus or firewall/security on the computer. Keep me posted!

Thank you,
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