Range Extender in VT

Just moved my Range Extender to a cabin in VT - Worked fine in Cleveland, but no connection here in the mountains.  How do I check to see if Verizon's system is down? - DSL is up and at speed, and the phone service works great.  I have even put the external antenna outside where it has a clear shot at the sky, but still no connection.


System light is blinking red, and the GPS light is solid red.


Any advice will be appreciated - Thanks

Re: Range Extender in VT
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You need to make sure the GPS cord can see the northern sky, clearly, through a window. Make sure you're using the extended cord, if you need to.


Once GPS is acquired, SYS will follow. If SYS doesn't follow shortly after, you may be in an area not serviced by Verizon at all...check: http://vzw.com/coveragelocator to see. You must be within the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area.