Replacing Wildblue satellite internet with HCT Rezound mobile hotspot

Back in 2009 I got rid of AOL dialup, replacing it with Wildblue Satellite Internet service.  I want to downsize my expenses, so I plan to use my new HCT as a mobile hotspot.  The end result will be having my smart phone to access wi-fi, and use is as a mobile hot spot.  I use very few voice minutes on  my current phone.  I am a texter and social media user.  Til now I have not had a data plan. Verizon is the only service that works in my area of Virginia.   Also, I am set up wireless at home.  Is this doable? Any words of wisdom are welcomed.  (I have not upgraded my phone yet, as I was holding out for the new plan on the 28th.) Do I stay or do I go?