SCH-LC11 and existing home networks.

Spent the holiday tinkering with my network and found it IS possible to connect a SCH-LC11 Mifi to a existing network with a piece of additional hardware.  If anyone is interested, look into the Netgear WN2000RPT universal WiFi range extender with 4 port switch (or like product).  It's a simple case of setting up the range extender for your Mifi and then running a Ethernet cable from the extender to the "Internet In" port on your router.  The only thing you must keep in mind is that the Mifi and the router shouldn't share the same bank of IP addresses.  For instance, my Mifi uses - 5 and the Cisco router uses - 149.  I'm no good with technical support but know that this setup does work.  I'm running the following off my Cisco WRT320N.



Brother 2170W Printer

Epson Artisan 835 Printer

Pioneer Receiver

WD TV Live Hub




iPod Touch


All connect to the WRT320N without issue and all have access to the internet once the WN2000RPT picks up the LCH-LC11's signal and assigns a IP to the router.  Once everything is set up, the router may need a power cycle to pick up the IP from the range extender.  Found that out after a little hair pullin'.  Hope that's clear as mud.  Enjoy.  BTW, if you do get this set up, my last piece of advise would be "WATCH YOUR DATA USAGE!!"  The words "Guzzle" or "Siphon" come to mine.  :smileyvery-happy:



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Thanks for the feedback!


I was not aware that Netgear offered Network Extender devices.  I took a look at the user guide for that model and can see that it offers a few more features than my currently suggested Pepwave Surf Mini.  


Netgear benefits over PepWave Surf Mini:

- Choose the wireless channel that you rebroadcast on

- 4 Ethernet ports

- Cheaper


Network Extenders can be on the same segment as your Home Router, but you have to configure them so that the Home Router dishes out all the IP Addresses.  That way you avoid assigning IP's to more than one device at a time.  Dont worry about it unless you have a specific reason to do so. 






It was fun figuring this out. Now everything in my home can have Internet, not just the wireless devices.

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