SLOW Broadband
I have a Dell laptop with a wireless Verizon broadband card in it.  One month ago, I moved 10 miles and since then my connection speed is almost non existant, it is so slow.  It takes almost an hour to load one page.  If I go back where I moved from, speed is top notch.  I called tech support and he suggested checking outside of house and around town to see if it's confined to one spot.  It's just as slow across town as it is in my home.  Called again and they said to bring laptop to local dealer to have them update roaming on the wireless card.  Is there such a thing?  Any ideas?  I'm ready to cancel my service.
Re: SLOW Broadband
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Are you getting good signal? Can you make calls with a VZW phone? If the answer to both of those is yes, here is what I would do.


Try it outside, go to a couple of different places and see what your speeds are. Write the results down.


You can use these two sites for the testing.


If you notice it is at your house, you should call back in and have them send out someone from system performance.