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Samsung MiFi A Total Headache

I am currently on my third MiFi device and second sim card and for the past three weeks either the service was dropped totally or the Sim card shows not activated.  Two and half weeks without a dedicated internet service and Tech Supports answer is to "push through 4G activation" -- but that would be another 5 days to do.  So their answer to no or very intermittent service or 20 day period is to have me denied service for another 5 days.  I suggested the Samsung device is the problem since four separate TechSupport people agreed and send three new devices on separate occasion but when I suggest I be sent the newer Novatel MiFi -- the Tech person said that I would have to be without service for 5 days and then, even then, he couldn't guarantee the "pushed activation" would work either.  What do you call a service contract that doesn't provide service???  -- NOT a contract.  Thank you Verizonwireless for collecting my money and patience and for not providing me with a dedicated wireless service.