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Samsung Network Extender

I bought a Samsung Network Extender from Verizon about a year or so ago. It has worked pretty well for the most part, but has been screwing up lately. A few weeks ago it started throwing a green SYS light at about 2:00pm. For about 1-1/2 hours I'll have not phone or texting capabilities. It is now 3:40pm. and it is working again? At first I thought it might be my phone, so I had them clear and reset it. Didn't fix my problem. I just picked up an iPhone 5s today from Verizon, and once again I'm still having the problems at 2:00pm. Not sure why it is doing this and REALLY don't know why it is only at 2:00pm.? I have a business, and this is my only phone line. Hoping I can get my problem straightened out soon. Thank you Smiley Happy